ZRA leads digital payment revolution, with 99% of transactions now electronic.

ZRA leads digital payment revolution, with 99% of transactions now electronic.

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has undergone a significant digital transformation in its payment processes, with 99% of payments now conducted electronically.

This shift, as outlined by ZRA’scorporate communications manager Oliver Nzala, serves multiple purposes, including cost reduction, improved taxpayer experience, fraud risk mitigation, queue minimization, enhanced efficiency and accountability, and expanded payment options.

Electronic payments were initially introduced between 2012 and 2013, following the replacement of Real-Time Gross Settlement for large payments, marking the initial step towards integrating electronic systems into the payment framework. Despite modest initial uptake, with 90% of taxpayers relying on manual methods, the introduction of the Integrated Payment System (IPS) has facilitated greater accessibility and convenience for taxpayers, particularly through various mobile platforms.

The IPS aims to simplify tax payment and collection processes, offering enhanced convenience to taxpayers. ZRAis committed to continual process improvements aimed at fostering compliance, leveraging appropriate technology to streamline business processes and reduce both time and cost burdens.

Recognizing the mutual benefits of digitalized payment processes for both the Authority and taxpayers, ZRA is dedicated to providing improved, secure, and efficient digital payment services. As part of this initiative, most cash offices handling Domestic Taxes (DOMT) payments have been closed, with staff being redeployed to other areas. Looking ahead, ZRA aims for all DOMT cash offices and 50% of Customs payment offices to transition to electronic platforms by June 2024.

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