Wizkid responds to DJ Chicken’s disrespectful behavior towards his deceased mother.

Wizkid responds to DJ Chicken's disrespectful behavior towards his deceased mother.

Nigerian music sensation Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, widely recognized as Wizkid, took to social media to address DJ Chicken’s disrespect towards his deceased mother.

DJ Chicken sparked widespread outrage when he openly disrespected Wizkid’s recently deceased mother and alleged that Wizkid had not provided him with financial support. To exacerbate matters, DJ Chicken went as far as suggesting that he would soon join Wizkid’s late mother in the grave.

This provocative statement angered many Nigerians, especially Wizkid FC, who vehemently called for DJ Chicken’s arrest in response to his offensive remarks. Recognizing the severity of the backlash, DJ Chicken issued an apology to both Wizkid and the fanbase, emphasizing that his intentions were rooted in love.

Despite his apology, Wizkid FC remained unswayed and refused to accept DJ Chicken’s remorse. As a consequence, they took punitive action by denying him access to his TikTok account, illustrating the resolute stance of the fanbase against such disrespectful behavior.

In a post that has since been removed, Wizkid shared a message underscoring the value of life, cautioning everyone not to forget its preciousness.

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