Top 10 African Nations Struggling with Depression

Top 10 African Nations Struggling with Depression

Depression transcends borders, posing a global mental health challenge that impacts individuals to varying extents worldwide, Africa included.

  • Newz Farm reveals the10 African countries with the highest depression rate
  • Tunisia holds the top spot among African countries for the highest depression rate.
  • This list is courtesy of Wisevoter.

In Africa, the triggers for depression are multifaceted, spanning from economic adversities to social dilemmas. For instance, numerous African economies grapple with a multitude of challenges, including poverty, unemployment, inflation, mounting debt, and restricted access to education and healthcare. These hardships exert significant pressure on citizens’ quality of life, potentially fueling depressive tendencies.

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Despite the gravity of depression, it frequently encounters stigma or misconception within various African communities, largely due to inadequate awareness and education.

Traditional beliefs and cultural norms play a significant role in perpetuating the stigma associated with mental health, creating barriers for individuals to seek assistance or openly address their challenges.

According to a report by Wisevoter, Tunisia leads among African nations with the highest depression rates. Globally, it ranks within the top five alongside Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Palestine, with depression rates ranging from 6.52% to 5.75%.

RankCountryDepression rateGlobal rank
5Republic of the Congo4.81%32nd
6Central African Republic4.67%36th
7Equatorial Guinea4.63%40th
10South Africa4.45%48th

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