The TECNO SPARK 20 Watch Party in Ojo Square ignited a sense of community unity and unparalleled fandom.


Curious about the electrifying TECNO SPARK 20 Viewing Party during the AFCON semi-final clash between Nigeria’s Super Eagles and South Africa’s Bafana Bafana boys?

Held at the vibrant Ojo Square in Yaba, the event was nothing short of transformative, uniting Nigerian football enthusiasts in an unprecedented manner.

Normally abuzz with daily hustle and bustle, the square underwent a remarkable metamorphosis into a pulsating hub of football fervor. Thanks to TECNO’s innovative community engagement approach, the atmosphere was electric, with fans not just as spectators but as active participants in a dynamic spectacle orchestrated by TECNO.

The thrill kicked off with TECNO’s engaging games of Jenga, Snooker, and Table Soccer, injecting an extra dose of excitement into the pre-match festivities.

Those brave enough to flaunt their talents in singing, dancing, and rap battles were generously rewarded with goody bags, providing added motivation to showcase their skills.

Amidst the electrifying atmosphere, fans found themselves on the edge of their seats throughout most of the match, their hearts pounding with anticipation.

With Troost-Ekong’s successful penalty conversion, the entire square erupted into jubilation, heightened by TECNO’s added unexpected thrills, ensuring every moment was etched into the memories of football enthusiasts. Despite the equalizer, the hope of Nigerian supporters remained unwavering, anticipating a triumphant shout in victory.

The pinnacle of the night arrived with the Super Eagles’ hard-fought win in a thrilling penalty shootout, celebrated in unison with Mr. Real’s electrifying performance of his chart-topping track, “Legbegbe,” alongside other hits, uniting the crowd in a euphoric celebration.

The TECNO SPARK 20 Viewing Party transcended the realm of a mere football event; it stood as a bold testament to TECNO’s unwavering commitment to community engagement. It offered an immersive journey where ordinary moments blossomed into extraordinary memories, resonating far beyond the boundaries of the football pitch.

TECNO’s audacious approach to fan interaction left an enduring impression, transforming Ojo Square into a vibrant space where passion, innovation, and unity reigned supreme.

Ultimately, the event wasn’t solely a tribute to football; it served as a celebration of community, innovation, and the resilient spirit of the everyday Nigerian.

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