The first country to be eliminated from Euro 2024 has been confirmed.

The first country to be eliminated from Euro 2024 has been confirmed.

Poland has become the first team to be eliminated from Euro 2024, hosted in Germany.

Their elimination was sealed after a defeat against Austria and a draw between France and the Netherlands. Poland’s campaign in the tournament was left hanging by a thread following an earlier 3-1 loss in another fixture.

Why did Poland get eliminated with one game left?

Poland’s loss to Austria on Friday, June 20, 2024, resulted in the Netherlands leading the group with four points, tied with second-place France. Austria stands in third with three points, while Poland remains at zero points. With Austria’s head-to-head victory over Poland, the latter cannot surpass Austria’s points even if they defeat France in their upcoming match. Therefore, Poland is confirmed to be unable to advance, as head-to-head results are used to rank teams tied on points.

What are the criteria for teams advancing to the Round of 16?

In the Euro 2024 tournament format, the top two teams from each group advance to the round of 16. Additionally, the four best third-placed teams across all groups also qualify. The determination of third-placed teams is initially based on points, followed by goal difference, goals scored, number of wins, lower disciplinary points, and finally the overall ranking from European qualifiers.

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