“The Eminem Show” has accumulated over 6.5 billion streams on Spotify.

"The Eminem Show" has accumulated over 6.5 billion streams on Spotify.

Marshall’shighly streamed album, “The Eminem Show,” has achieved a noteworthy milestone on the platform. Unveiled in 2002, just nine days ahead of schedule, the album made a remarkable debut at No.1 on the Billboard 200, maintaining its position for six consecutive weeks.

An unexpected release led to only its second week in the US being officially recorded as a full week of sales, during which it sold over 1.3 million copies. The RIAA granted it 12x Platinum certification in March 2002.

The album’s remarkable commercial triumph persisted and seamlessly transitioned into impressive streaming figures. “The Eminem Show” holds the distinction of being the most streamed album from the 2000s, securing a spot among the Top 10 most streamed hip-hop albums. Impressively, it claims the No.50 position among all genres on Spotify. As Marshall’s most streamed album both in total numbers and daily streams, it has been consistently garnering over 4 million streams per day. This recent surge in streaming activity has propelled the album to a new milestone, achieved just four months after it marked the celebration of 6 billion streams on Spotify.

Listen to “The Eminem Show” below.

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