“Seriously!!! Bobrisky Expresses Desire to Hire a Gossip Partner”


Controversial transvestite and social media sensation, Bobrisky, is making headlines again, this time with plans to hire new team members. In a recent announcement on her Instagram page, Bobrisky revealed her intention to recruit individuals for various roles, with a unique position catching everyone’s attention – a gossip partner.

According to the social media personality, Bobrisky is seeking to fill three distinct roles: a personal assistant, a manager, and the intriguing position of a gossip partner. While the first two roles seem conventional, the latter adds a touch of eccentricity to the job listings.

Bobrisky humorously emphasized that the gossip partner must be prepared to uphold confidentiality, going so far as to insist on a non-disclosure agreement signed with her lawyer before officially assuming the position. The disclosure adds a layer of playfulness to the announcement, showcasing Bobrisky’s signature blend of boldness and wit.

This unconventional hiring announcement not only reflects Bobrisky’s distinctive approach to her public persona but also highlights the unique and often surprising nature of the opportunities that emerge within the realm of social media influencers. It remains to be seen who will step into the role of Bobrisky’s gossip partner and what tales may unfold in this one-of-a-kind position.

She Said:

“I need to employ d following list 

Personal assistant with attractive salary and minimum of 5yrs experience


Lastly gossip partner, someone to just be gossiping with me. I live in a 6 bedroom duplex all alone, drive all my cars alone. Trust me that life is sometimes boring 
Need someone to make d noise of my wealth for me cos I’m not bragging enough ”

He promised to lavish whoever he employs with plenty luxury and only the finest things in life.”

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