Sad!! Wizkid expresses profound sorrow, declaring “Expensive Pain” as he continues to mourn the loss of his mother.

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Wizkid, who experienced the loss of his mother on August 18, 2023, made a recent appearance on the red carpet for Bob Marley’s One Love movie tribute.

Shortly thereafter, he shared a poignant reflection with his social media followers. He wrote, “Look in the mirror; don’t feel myself! Mama left me and I lost myself! I can’t wait to feel myself again! Life of a soldier! military with it!” This post elicited various reactions from concerned fans, expressing their thoughts on his well-being following the passing of his mother.

Subsequently, Wizkidissues a firm warning to those who might consider this period an opportune time to bother or disturb him. He expressed, “Until then, I dey give slap away for free so leave me.”

This statement, in more formal English, translates to “Until then, I will be giving slaps for free, so kindly leave me alone.” It serves as a strong caution to anyone contemplating adding stress or nuisance to his current situation. Notably, Wizkidis poised to feature on Bob Marley’s One Love EP, slated for release in 2024.

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