SAD NEWS!! 6 Guinea Fans Die While Celebrating Victory Over Gambia

SAD NEWS!! 6 Guinea Fans Die While Celebrating Victory Over Gambia

Tragically, six Guinean supporters lost their lives while celebrating Guinea’s first victory at the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Ivory Coast.

The joyous occasion turned into a somber moment as the fans, filled with enthusiasm and excitement, faced an unfortunate and devastating incident resulting in this heartbreaking loss of life.

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The Guinean Football Federation, Feguifoot, disclosed this tragic incident to the BBC, revealing that the unfortunate events unfolded as fans flooded the streets of the Guinean capital, Conakry, celebrating in cars and on motorcycles. The revelry followed Guinea’s 1-0 victory over The Gambia in their second group game in Ivory Coast on Friday night, triggering exuberant celebrations that unfortunately led to this heartbreaking accident.

Feguifoot media manager, Amadou Makadji, said their supporters and the public celebrated in a lively manner.

“What is important is that our fans and the public celebrate in a very measured fashion.

“They have to be very careful not to put themselves in danger, because football aims to bring joy and not leave families bereaved. We do not want deaths to mourn, so we call on everyone to celebrate but to take care of themselves so that nothing happens to them.

“Guinea is a country where people are very, very passionate about football and they experience football like nowhere else in the world,” he said.

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Aguibou Camara’s goal propelled Guinea to second place in Group C with four points, trailing behind defending champions Senegal by two points and leading third-placed Cameroon, five-time winners. Unfortunately, the jubilation took a tragic turn as three people lost their lives in a high-speed collision between two vehicles, according to information from a police source. Additionally, several dozen others suffered injuries in various road accidents during the celebratory gatherings. The source noted that the capital’s roads were densely populated with fans, with some even resorting to driving on car bonnets as they participated in the exuberant celebration.

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