Ruger Reveals Reason Behind Ending Feud with BNXN

Ruger Reveals Reason Behind Ending Feud with BNXN

Afrobeat singer Ruger has opened up about the reason behind ending his feud with fellow musician BNXN. The long-standing beef between Ruger and BNXN had been ongoing for nearly three years.

In a recent interview with Beats FM 99.9, Ruger revealed that the feud was primarily fueled by fan comparisons. While he believes such comparisons can sometimes be positive, in this case, they unfortunately led to conflict. However, Ruger stated that they have now moved past their differences and are focused on creating good music together. This newfound unity is evident in their collaborative EP, RnB.

Ruger’s latest singles, “Luv Again” and “Make Way,” have been making waves in the music industry, showcasing his commitment to his craft and his ability to move beyond past conflicts. Fans are excited to see what this new chapter brings for both Ruger and BNXN.

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