Reggie Wright’s opinion on Eminem’s 2Pac album flop

Reggie Wright’s opinion on Eminem’s 2Pac album flop

Reggie Wright Jr., a former manager of Death Row Records, shared his perspective during an interview with bomb1st when questioned about Suge Knight.

According to him, Suge Knight asserted that Tupac’s legacy was indisputable, emphasizing the success of posthumously released projects featuring unreleased vocals from Tupac’s vault. However, Knight contended that the lone unsuccessful venture, when measured against Tupac’s customary sales, was “Loyal to the Game,” the album produced by Eminem.

In response to the matter, Reggie Wright Jr. expressed that he doesn’t view Eminem taking charge of the project as a poor decision. Given Eminem’s status as the premier hip-hop artist from the early 2000s to the mid-2000s, it seemed like a fitting choice at the time.

However, Reggie acknowledged that Eminem, while an exceptional artist, is not particularly renowned as a producer. He pointed out the differences in style and flow between Eminem and Tupac, suggesting that Eminem’s role as an artist might not inherently grant him the expertise to manage a project of Tupac’s caliber.

Nonetheless, Reggie mentioned that he would have seized the opportunity and entrusted the project to Eminem simply due to the impact it could have.

He believed that if a portion of Eminem’s fanbase could be drawn into Tupac’s following, it would hold significant value. Eminem, a perennial top-selling artist even outperforming figures like Drake, made the decision by Interscope Records to leverage his appeal on that album a strategic move that wasn’t misguided.

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