Portable Explains the Reason Behind Marrying 7 Wives

Portable Explains the Reason Behind Marrying 7 Wives

Following his recent hospitalization, Portable shared a video in response to an interview with his fourth wife, Ashabi.

In the interview with Biola Bayo, Ashabi acknowledged Portable’s multiple marriages and expressed her commitment to him, irrespective of his past relationships. She praised him as a responsible man who took good care of her.

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In response, Portableposted a video on social media, expressing his dissatisfaction with the interview, deeming it disrespectful to his first wife, Bewaji. He explained in Yoruba that having multiple wives was a responsible choice to avoid abandoning the mothers of his children. However, he criticized Ashabi for discussing their private matters publicly, expecting her to be more discreet.

Notably, Portable is gearing up to release a new single featuring Skepta, a prominent London rapper who flew him to London for the British Fashion Awards in early 2024.

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