Naffymar has released a new single titled “Mayo.”

Naffymar has released a new single titled "Mayo."

Urban gospel artist Naffymarhas made a vibrant entrance into 2024 with her latest single, “Mayo.” Derived from the Yoruba dialect in Nigeria, “Mayo” translates to “I will rejoice,” encapsulating the essence of the song’s message.

With a fusion of afrobeats, captivating drums, and soulful vocals, “Mayo” offers a comforting and uplifting listening experience. Beyond mere entertainment, the song serves as a poignant reminder to embrace joy regardless of life’s challenges. By choosing to rejoice daily, listeners are empowered to draw strength from within.

Crafted by the talented producer Osadebey, “Mayo” stands out as an AfroSoul masterpiece destined to find a cherished place in your playlists.

Listen to the sound titled “Mayo.” by Naffymarbelow.

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