Mundubile: Miles Sampa’s Party Embraces Special UPND Project.

"Mundubile: Miles Sampa's Party Embraces Special UPND Project"

……… the PF MCC says, ” the UPND project” can’t worry anyone in the true and original PF*

On January 13, 2024, a Central Committee member from the former ruling party, the PF, has advised Zambians not to be concerned about Miles Sampa and his self-proclaimed PF party. According to Mr. Brian Mundubile, the Member of Parliament for Mporokoso Central, Sampa’s activities are perceived as a UPND special project unrelated to the former ruling party, even stating that “even little children know that Sampa and his activities are just a UPND Special project.”

Mundubile emphasized that Sampa and his group are merely individuals who have chosen a different path and asserted that the original PF remains intact, growing stronger with a complete Central Committee and functional provincial and structural components.

Speaking on a live Kasama Radio program, Mundubile revealed that after the 2021 elections, President Haakainde Hichilema was initially confident that the PF would disintegrate within 90 days. However, realizing that this prediction did not materialize, the UPND allegedly sponsored small, illegal splinter groups to undermine the PF.

Accompanied by Mutotwe Kafwaya, the Member of Parliament for Lunte, Mundubile argued that President Hichilema’s 2021 campaigns were based on promises. He drew a comparison between the first two years of the PF’s governance and the two years the UPND has been in power, highlighting that the PF transformed the entire country into a construction site during its initial years.

Mundubile clarified that the construction wasn’t limited to boreholes and classrooms but involved substantial infrastructure development. He pointed out that within a short period of the PF’s governance, civil servants experienced a significant pay raise ranging between 150 and 300 percent, along with an increased tax threshold, accompanied by encouraging announcements from President Michael Sata.

The Member of Parliament for Mporokoso, Mr. Brian Mundubile, asserted that the UPND has acknowledged their slim chances in the 2026 elections, prompting them to adopt a strategy of “damaging the competitor,” specifically targeting the PF, the largest opposition party. According to Mundubile, this led to the sponsorship of a split within the PF to sow confusion.

Mundubile highlighted a notable incident where, for a seemingly small meeting or retreat, Sampa was granted access to a government facility, Mulungushi, accompanied by over 200 police officers. The gathering transformed into a conference, with Sampa later assigned 10 police officers for escort and protection at Parliament. Despite reporting the matter to the police after his visit to the PF Secretariat, no action was taken.

Calling on PF party members nationwide to stand firm, Mundubile expressed concern about the message President Hichilema would convey to the Zambian people, accusing him of damaging the economy and causing increased prices of essential commodities like mealie meal and fuel.

Mundubile pointed out the removal of long-serving civil servants and their replacement with UPND cadres lacking expertise, leading to frustration among the 400 experienced government workers. He also criticized the Ministry of Justice, where, according to him, UPND cadres are promoting illegalities.

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