Mumba Yachi bounces back to the music scenes with a new sound titled ‘Abaya’

Mumba Yachi – Abaya Mp3 Download

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the immensely talented Zambian singer-songwriter, Mumba Yachi, has bestowed upon us a heartfelt gift: his latest soulful track titled “Abaya.”

This enchanting song is accompanied by a captivating lyric video directed by the talented Lo. With Mumba Yachi’s soul-stirring vocals and poignant lyrics, “Abaya” has the power to deeply resonate with listeners, stirring emotions and capturing hearts.

Positioned to soar to the top of the charts, this exquisite piece is a testament to Mumba Yachi’s musical prowess and his ability to touch the soul with his artistry.

Make sure to check out this new sound below and enjoy

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