Mother of two sentenced to seven years in prison for terminating an eight-month pregnancy.

Mother of two jailed seven years for aborting eight month pregnancy

A 24-year-old mother of two, Violet Zulu, residing in Ngombe Township, Lusaka, has been sentenced to seven years in prison for unlawfully terminating an eight-month pregnancy, following the rejection of responsibility by the man who impregnated her.

During the court proceedings before Magistrate Mutinta Mwenya in Lusaka, Violet admitted to using a combination of aloe vera and muleza, a local herb, to induce the abortion. She explained in Nyanja that she felt compelled to terminate the pregnancy as the man responsible disowned it, and her mother expelled her from their home upon learning of her conception.

The circumstances unfolded when Violet visited her friend, Beauty Lungu, in Ng’ombe Township. Surprised by Violet’s sudden lack of a visible pregnancy, Beauty inquired about it. Violet initially claimed to have had a miscarriage but avoided disclosing how she disposed of the deceased baby when questioned further.

Meanwhile, Beauty received a call from another acquaintance within Ngombe, alerting her to the discovery of a dumped newborn in the area. Concerned, Beauty reported Violet to the police, leading to investigations that resulted in Violet’s arrest.

In her statement to the police, Violet admitted to disposing of the baby after terminating her pregnancy with a concoction. She recounted experiencing stomach pains and subsequently aborting while at work in Meanwood. After wrapping the fetus in plastic, she discarded it in Ng’ombe stream, where it was later found by members of the public.

Magistrate Mwenya, invoking section 151 of the Penal Code, pronounced Violet guilty and sentenced her to seven years imprisonment. Despite Violet’s tearful plea for leniency, citing her expulsion from home and the rejection of the pregnancy by the responsible man, the magistrate emphasized the gravity of the offense and the loss of a life, justifying the imposed sentence.

Source: (Mwebantu, Saturday, 13th January, 2024)

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