“Messi Unworthy of FIFA Best Award,” Declares Former Ballon d’Or Winner

“You Didn’t Deserve FIFA Best Award” – Ex-Ballon d’Or Winner Tells Messi

Lothar Matthäus, a former Ballon d’Or winner, has voiced his discontent with Lionel Messi, stating that the Argentine captain was undeserving of the Best FIFA Award for 2023.

During an appearance on Sky Deutschland, Lothar Matthäus went on record asserting that Lionel Messi was undeserving of the prestigious FIFA Best Award for 2023. In his candid remarks, Matthäus contended that the honor should have gone to Manchester City’s Erling Haaland, citing the latter’s outstanding performances as a compelling reason for being the rightful recipient.

Expanding on his perspective, Matthäus emphasized that Haaland’s remarkable contributions on the pitch, marked by stellar goal-scoring prowess and overall impact, set him apart as the more deserving candidate. He pointed to the Norwegian striker’s consistent excellence and the transformative effect he had on Manchester City’s performance during the period in question.

Despite Matthäus’s endorsement of Haaland, the football world witnessed a different outcome, as Lionel Messi ultimately clinched the FIFA Best Award for 2023. The decision, which saw Messi triumph over Haaland, sparked debates and discussions within the football community, highlighting the subjective nature of individual awards in the world of sports.

“He can’t be the winner this time. I think he was the best footballer of the last 20 years, but he has been in Paris and Miami, where he is now creating hype, and not won any major titles,” Matthaus said.

“If you look at the great successes, there is no way past Manchester City and – when choosing the best player – Erling Haaland. He won the most important titles with Man City. His strike rate was impressive.

“That should be decisive when you choose the best and most important player – and that was Haaland.”

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