Marv Won, Champion of the “8 Mile” Battle Against Eminem: “Let’s not use me against my friend as a weapon.”

Marv Won, Champion of the "8 Mile" Battle Against Eminem: "Let's not use me against my friend as a weapon."

Renowned Detroit battle rapper Marv Won joined the Rap Grid podcast, reminiscing about his experiences filming “8 Mile” and addressing Benzino’s diss.

While graciously acknowledging praise for his past lines, he emphasized the significance of the vibrant creative atmosphere that shaped his work.

Detroit produces the most technical rappers. We’re the best technical rappers. You may not like the content, but technically, when you break down the words, we produce the best rappers.

How did Marv Won become part of the “8 Mile” filming? Did he anticipate his significant role in the plot? According to him, no. It was a gathering point for all Detroit rappers, where collaboration was key.

We were all extras. When people my age or older from the city say, “Yo, Em didn’t do enough”, it doesn’t sit well with me. Because if you were a rapper at that time, you were an extra in that movie. You legitimately got a check from Eminem. No matter how big or how small, you got a check from him. And you got three square meals a day from that nigga. That’s a lot. I was an extra. They knew everybody were rappers. They were trying to keep the morale up in the city. On the set, they wanted to do a contest just for B-roll footage. Just so you can see yourself and be like, oh, shit, that’s me. They just had rappers rap. That was really easy for me. I was amongst our peers. I knew everybody there. And it just so happens that by the grace of god, I was one of the people they picked. I’m always grateful to Eminem, to Paul Rosenberg, to Curtis Hanson, to everybody who was involved in picking what they chose to sell the DVDs. ‘Cause it’s literally changed my life. It legitimately changed my life. You never catch me saying a bad word about Eminem.

Marv prefers not to dwell on the past solely in connection to the “8 Mile” premiere, as he’s achieved remarkable feats in his career as a battle rapper, artist, and actor.

However, he remains deeply grateful for the experience. Regarding Benzino’s recent diss, where Marv’s name was mentioned, Marv was taken aback. Similar to Icewear Vezzo, another Detroit rapper dragged into Benzino’s feud, Marv refuses to engage. He also questions whether Benzino penned these lines himself.

Who the fuck wrote this? This man has no idea who I am. Who the fuck wrote that? Even if [Eminem] clearly lost a battle to me, he’s won in life. He’s won the war. So it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t fucking matter. And two, you’ll never get me in any kind of form going against my fucking friend. Whether it’s for your recognition or not. If that’s the case, I’ll scream from the mountaintop that I lost. You’ll never be the person to say I won the battle. That’s my legitimate friend. Don’t try to weaponise me against my friend.

Now, when the audience, and Benzino most of all, awaits Marshall’s next move, does Marv think that Eminem will respond with a new diss? No, the Detroit veteran has no reason to believe so:

I think Em is counting money. Respectfully, why would you pour gas on a fire that’s dying out? That’s what a response would be. It wouldn’t make sense to me. Competitive-wise, I get it. But I feel like for the greater good, the bigger picture, it wouldn’t make sense.

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