James Garlimah Explores the Themes of Love and Destiny in the ‘Amor Fati’ Music Video

James Garlimah

Canadian artist James Garlimah, originally from Nigeria, unveils his latest music video, “Amor Fati” – a fusion of love, destiny, and music.

More than just a mantra that James lives by, “Amor Fati” has evolved into a captivating catchphrase, transforming into an irresistibly catchy hook.

Infusing danceable and enjoyable elements, James skillfully narrates his story, sharing insights into his origin and musical journey. Produced by Ghana’s own Cobby Dollar, mixed by New York-based engineer Mario Abramson, and mastered by multi-Grammy award winner Chris Athens, “Amor Fati” promises a rich sonic experience.

The vibrant music video unfolds against the bustling backdrop of New York City, taking viewers on a journey through Downtown Manhattan, culminating at the renowned Alchemical Studios. Directed by Maxym Legkustop and edited by the highly-regarded Nigerian music industry video editor, Tundecutz, the visual accompaniment adds a dynamic layer to James Garlimah’s musical narrative.

“Amor Fati” stands as the debut single from James Garlimah’s recently launched studio album, “Forever Thing Volume.1.” With executive production led by James Garlimah’s longtime manager, Omotolani “Tmix” Ogundibo, the album is now accessible for listening on all major music streaming platforms.

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