Icewear Vezzo Adjusts His Statements Regarding Eminem Following Their Encounter at 50 Cent’s Show

Icewear Vezzo Adjusts His Statements Regarding Eminem Following Their Encounter at 50 Cent's Show

The narrative surrounding the perceived disconnect between Eminem and emerging talents in the Detroit hip-hop scene took an unexpected turn when Icewear Vezzo, the rapper who had been vocal about this apparent gap, had the opportunity to meet Eminem in person backstage at a show hosted by Fifty Cent in Michigan. This encounter has sparked curiosity about whether Vezzo’s initial sentiments have undergone a transformation.

A few years prior, Vezzo had candidly expressed the sentiment among younger rappers in Detroit who felt a sense of proximity to one of the world’s most influential hip-hop artists, Eminem, yet believed they were not reaping the benefits of his support. This sparked a broader discussion within the industry, with more seasoned figures like Royce 5’9 dismissing notions of entitlement, emphasizing that Eminem is not obligated to assume a role akin to a benevolent uncle.

The discourse brought to light a divergence of opinions, with some experienced artists highlighting the importance of earning one’s stripes in the competitive hip-hop landscape, while younger talents conveyed a shared sentiment of feeling somewhat abandoned by the iconic figure, Eminem.

Now, with the backdrop of Vezzo’s face-to-face meeting with Eminem at Fifty Cent’s show, the question arises: has this personal encounter reshaped Vezzo’s perspective on the dynamics between Eminem and the younger generation of Detroit rappers? The unfolding narrative invites speculation on whether this meeting will bridge the perceived gap and potentially alter the discourse around Eminem’s role in fostering the growth of the local hip-hop community.

During 50 Cent’s The Final Lap tour in Michigan last autumn, a significant behind-the-scenes moment occurred when Eminem and Icewear Vezzo crossed paths backstage, a fact substantiated by photographic evidence. Despite this encounter, both artists remained relatively tight-lipped about the meeting at the time. However, the recent revelation came to light when Vezzo joined Kid L on his podcast.

In the podcast discussion, the host broached the topic, inquiring about the details of the meeting and gauging Icewear Vezzo’s sentiments. Surprisingly, Vezzo seemed nonchalant about the encounter, giving the impression that meeting Eminem was merely a natural progression in his journey. The younger rapper appeared to accept the rendezvous as a logical step in his career, leaving listeners curious about the dynamics of their interaction and whether it signified a turning point in the narrative surrounding Eminem’s relationship with the up-and-coming talents in Detroit.

It was normal and organic. Fifty had tapped in with me, asked me to come out at the show. He ain’t telling nobody Em was going to be there. Right before I got ready to go on stage, I had seen him walking out. We literally bumped into each other and we just had a quick conversation, chopped it up. I told him it’s all love, it’s all respect. Obviously, I know he done seen shit that I said and shit that all us said. I just wanted to get him to understand exactly what I meant. I was waiting for that moment to be able to express how I really felt. ’Cause it was never no situation where we felt like dude owed us or anything. He doesn’t owe nobody shit. He done did what he had to do for Detroit. That’s why we got people like D12 and Royce 5’9, and all that. Me and Em, we grew up on the same exact block. Went to the same exact high school, not at the same time, but still. Our backgrounds are kind of similar to a certain extent. I’ve been rapping for so long, I’ve been fighting to stay in the game for years. I’ve been through hell and back. And I know he heard of me. He heard of all of us.

Returning to a theme he had broached years ago, Vezzo revisited the same topic that originally brought attention to the perceived gap between Eminem and younger rappers. While his stance appeared unchanged, there was a discernible shift in rhetoric, reflecting a milder tone compared to his previous expressions on the matter.

For me, every time I see one of the young niggas coming up, I always try to reach out; I tap in with them. What’s up? What you need? You need a verse, video? Whatever I can do, let me know. However I can enhance whatever it is you got going on, let me know. I see you, keep going, you’re doing what you need to do. And a lot of times, that shit goes far with a person. I know it went far for me hearing like people that I looked up to and respected on the rap side of things just to say that they see me. That shit had meant a lot. I just felt like not that we was entitled to that, I just thought it would have been a good gesture.

Icewear Vezzo deserves commendation for his mentorship and support of young rappers, a stance that reflects a genuine commitment to nurturing emerging talent. However, it’s important to note that this support is not extended universally to every young artist; like anyone else, Vezzo is discerning in his choices. Consequently, there’s an expectation that, given the magnitude of Eminem’s influence, it would have been a meaningful gesture for him to offer encouragement to aspiring artists, even if not everyone.

In acknowledging the selective nature of such favors, it’s evident that Marshall, like any individual, is particular about where he directs his support. While not every artist may receive this encouragement, there are instances where Eminem has recognized and uplifted emerging talents. Notably, in 2014, Eminem included Vezzo on the “Detroit Vs Everybody (Remix),” a track that featured 14 Detroit rappers, predominantly comprising up-and-coming artists. This collaborative effort showcased Eminem’s willingness to provide a platform for local talent, albeit in a manner that might not align with grand gestures, emphasizing his inclination to act based on what he perceives as the right course of action.

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