I Sold Recharge Cards to Afford Studio Time; My Dad Did Not Support My Music, Reveals Singer Spyro.


During a recent installment of the Tea With Tay podcast, Spyro shared insights into his journey, highlighting the challenges he faced despite having parents.

He candidly spoke about resorting to various odd jobs, including selling recharge cards, to not only cover his day-to-day expenses but also to afford crucial studio time for recording his music. In this revealing conversation, Spyro shed light on the determination and resilience that fueled his passion for music, demonstrating the lengths he went to pursue his artistic aspirations independently.

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He Said:

“Being a pastor, my dad never wanted me to do music. I was a fine artist before. I could draw so well but for one reason or the other, he stopped me from doing that. Then I started music. He also wanted to stop me from doing that then I got rebellious.

“I have always had a flair for music right from primary school. I was in the church choir. And I was really good. All the choir masters back then always commended my talent. I was also playing the drum set back then. But my dad never wanted me to do music. It was war. But I knew it was what God has called me to do.

“After my secondary education, I started recording songs at the studio. I was selling recharge cards back then because I had to make ends meet even though I had parents that were feeding me. But I had to hustle to pay for my lifestyle and book studio time.”

Spyro gained widespread recognition following the viral success of his track ‘Who Is Your Guy’ in 2023. The remix, featuring Tiwa Savage, not only propelled him further into the spotlight but also earned the prestigious title of Best Collaboration of the Year at the 2023 Headies Awards. This achievement solidified Spyro’s status as a notable force in the music industry, marking a significant milestone in his burgeoning career.

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