Gratitude to Movie Producers for Providing Job Opportunities – Seyi Awolowo

Seyi Awolowo

Nollywood actor and reality TV star, Seyi Awolowo, has conveyed his sincere gratitude to producers in the entertainment industry for deeming him deserving of acting opportunities.

Seyi Awolowo has reflected on his career in the entertainment industry, expressing his belief that his distinctive voice and physical appearance have significantly influenced the type of roles offered to him by movie producers. Notably, the grandson of the late Nigerian leader, Obafemi Awolowo, gained attention and sparked controversies during his time on the BBNaija show when he made a statement about wanting to guide his sons in engaging in relationships.

In a recent interview with Sunday Scoop, Seyi Awolowo extended his appreciation to movie producers for the job opportunities they’ve provided him. While acknowledging his familiarity with the “fine boy” roles he has been known for, Seyi expressed his desire to explore more challenging acting roles. This signifies his eagerness to diversify his on-screen presence and showcase a broader range of his acting capabilities beyond his established image. The interview offers a glimpse into Seyi’s gratitude for the opportunities he has received and his aspirations for growth within the realm of acting.

He said:

“I really appreciate all the producers who have called me for jobs, and are allowing me to put my acting skills to good use. I would like to believe that my voice and physique have influenced many of the roles I get.
But, that is a double edged sword, because it might make me to be stereotyped. Moving forward though, I would love to play more challenging roles. It won’t be bad to play the role of a bus conductor or father; roles that people won’t see coming.”

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