FIFA Explains Messi’s Best Player Award Win Over Haaland (FIND OUT HOW)

FIFA Explains Messi's Best Player Award Win Over Haaland (FIND OUT HOW)

The football world has been engulfed in controversy ever since FIFA crowned Lionel Messi, the forward for Inter Miami, as the best player in the world.

On Monday, January 15, 2024, Lionel Messi clinched the prestigious award in London, emerging as the top scorer in the points tally, surpassing formidable contenders Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe. The closely contested race saw Messi and Haaland both amassing 48 points each, showcasing their exceptional performances on the field. Kylian Mbappe secured the third position with a commendable total of 39 points.

FIFA, in an effort to maintain transparency, revealed the intricacies of the voting process. The selection involved contributions from coaches, national team captains, and a panel of designated journalists. This disclosure aimed to shed light on the democratic and inclusive nature of the decision-making process behind the coveted accolade, emphasizing the collective input from key figures in the football community.

Here is how the votes were counted.

  • Captains: Messi (13), Haaland (11), Mbappe (9)
  • Coaches: Messi ( 11), Haaland ( 13), Mbappe (9)
  • Media: Messi (11), Haaland (13), Mbappe (9)
  • Fans: Messi (13), Haaland (11), Mbappe (9)

In accordance with FIFA regulations, in the event of a tie in points between two players, the winner is determined by the number of five-point scores from the votes cast by the men’s national team captains, as stipulated in Article 12 of the Rules of Association.

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