Eminem’s “Houdini” Song Surpassed 150 Million Streams on Spotify in 3 Weeks.

"Houdini" Crosses 150 Million Streams on Spotify in 3 Weeks

In just three weeks, Eminem’s “Houdini” has surged past 150 million streams on Spotify, a milestone previously achieved only by Kendrick Lamar’s iconic “Not Like Us.”

Despite a slight slowdown in momentum, “Houdini” continues to assert its dominance, solidifying its position as one of rap’s most successful tracks with an impressive 151 million streams. This debut success underscores Eminem’s enduring prowess as a veteran rapper, drawing parallels to the impact of today’s hottest artists and tracks.

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In 2024, much like in 2002, Eminem remains unparalleled in his mastery of wordplay, flow, and his ability to churn out legendary hits.

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