Eminem Thanks Ice-T for Showing Love

Eminem Thanks Ice-T for Showing Love

Marshall excitedly reacts to Ice-T’s post about touring together in the early 2000s, which mentions him being an Eminem fan. The West Coast legend shared an old video where he explained how he came to respect Eminem as a rapper and artist.

I was a fan of Eminem before Dre signed him. Somebody brought me the tape. They said, “Yo, gotta hear this”. So I heard it. And it was him talking about putting his girl in a trunk and driving off the bridge. We went on The Warped tour. I remember we were out on that tour, and everybody was there. The white kids used to throw shit at Eminem. They were really rude to Eminem early in the game. The white kids didn’t feel like they could throw shit at me because it would be racist. But when he got up there, then all that “wigger” and that shit was out. They were going in on him hard. They kept knocking him out. And he kept doing it. And I’m like, “This kid’s going to blow up”. ‘Cause he was paying his dues. I never forget I was talking to Em, and I said, “What do you want out of this?” He said, “I just want to be around like you and Dre”. That’s all he wanted: longevity. He fucking did that.

It took Eminem a couple of days to notice a shout-out on X (formerly Twitter), where he follows 0 accounts and 22.2 million users follow him. But having become aware of Ice-T’s post, Em shouted back to him, sowing love and humbly focusing not on the praise the veteran paid him but on the memories from the 1999 tour:

Ice thanks for those memories legend!! Seems like just yesterday!! Love you bro!!

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