Eminem Surpassed 40 Billion Streams on Spotify as Lead Artist


Eminem, the platform’s second most-streamed rapper and seventh among artists across all genres, has achieved a remarkable milestone, amassing an impressive 40 billion streams as a lead artist.

The accomplishment becomes even more awe-inspiring when considering an additional 5 billion streams contributed by his featured appearances. This specific metric holds considerable significance, warranting individual recognition and celebration. As per estimates from Chartmasters.org, Marshall maintains his status in the Top 10, distinguishing himself as the sole artist from the pre-streaming era. Notably, he boasts albums with over 1 billion streams each, spanning four distinct decades.

Eminem remarkably achieved an additional billion streams within a mere six weeks, underscoring the enduring popularity of his musical catalog.

Despite observable changes in other metrics, such as a gradual decline in his monthly audience to below 73 million listeners, Eminem remains a stalwart presence as the 10th-ranked artist globally by this measure.

Furthermore, Eminem maintains his standing as the seventh most-followed artist on the platform, boasting an impressive 80.8 billion subscribers to his page. Notably, this following continues to grow steadily, with a recent daily gain of over 22,000 followers and an impressive weekly increase of approximately 230,000 new users.

As anticipation builds for Eminem’s upcoming release, “Doomsday Pt.2,” in collaboration with Lyrical Lemonade, it remains to be seen how this new song will impact the artist’s already remarkable numbers.

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