Eminem pledges to secure a touchdown for the Lions, signaling his unwavering support for the team.

A crowd of 65,000 people unites to sing Eminem's hit during a thrilling football game.

As the Detroit Lions gear up for the divisional round playoff against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Eminem proposes an unexpected winning strategy for the upcoming Sunday game.

In a new video posted on his social media account, Marshall asks the Lions coach Dan Campbell to put him out in the field:

Yo, Dan! I’m reporting! I’m gonna report. Third quarter. I’m reporting. Offensive line, eligible receiver, I’ll be a quarterback, the entire line, the offensive line, the receiver. And I will throw it to myself, and I will score a touchdown in the third quarter. Just give me a uniform. Or just like a helmet. I already have a helmet. It’s not the one for football. Well, it’s just a helmet. But eh… Yeah, man, I’m here, bro. Imma be there that night, I will suit up, and I will score the winning touchdown. In the third quarter. The winning touchdown. I’ll score us.

Continuing his tradition, Eminem delivers a third inspiring message to his favorite team for the Postseason cycle. The previous messages proved effective as the Detroit Lions triumphed over the LA Rams under Marshall’s watch. With evident enthusiasm, Eminem returns with yet another message, expressing his eagerness to contribute to making history, pending approval from the coach.

Check out the video below.

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