Eminem Delivers Heartfelt Opening for Lions vs. Rams Game.


Prior to the historic Lions vs. Rams showdown, Eminem provided a poignant overview of the challenges and aspirations of the Detroit football team and its dedicated fan base.

During a special segment featured on the Sunday Night Football show, Eminem delved into the team’s history, capturing the sentiments carried by Detroit football enthusiasts. Accompanied by the familiar “Survival” beat, Eminem delivered an impactful address.

This is the story about what a football team can mean to a city. For far too long, Detroit has been on the receiving end of losing seasons and bad punchlines. You try to shut out the noise, but after a while, it starts to live in your head. This means, when a dude like this [the video of Matthew Stafford is shown] comes into town, the conversation changes. We finally had a reason to feel good about where his team was heading. He was all in, and so were we. Until we weren’t. Maybe we weren’t patient enough, but we let him go to a city in a team that was in a different kind of rebuild. And then we sat home, and we watched him win it all. It was a true Hollywood ending. So, for us, back to the lab again, rebuilding, once again. But wait a minute!
Something felt different this time. And this guy [quaterback Jared Goff], with a little help from this guy [Lions coach Dan Campbell], made us all realise that maybe history wasn’t repeating itself. It’s all come down to this: for a city, its team and their fans who’ve been waiting for this night for 30 years. Two teams and two players forever linked. Detroit don’t get a whole lot of Hollywood endings. But tonight, we have a shot. And we get our shot. Well, you know what comes after that. Lions, Rams, on Wild Card Sunday Night. Let’s go!

Witness the enchantment of Eminem’s passion and determination as he unleashes it: the Lions emerged victorious.

Check out the video below and enjoy.

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