Ed Sheeran explains his avoidance of modern communication tools

Ed Sheeran explains his avoidance of modern communication tools

In a recent episode of the podcast Therapuss with Jake Shane, Ed Sheeran opened up about his decision to steer clear of modern communication tools since 2015. The global star, known for hits like “Shape of You,” revealed that he made the choice to ditch his personal cell phone in December 2015. Sheeran explained that the sheer volume of contacts and constant barrage of messages had become overwhelming.

“I had 10,000 contacts in my phone, and people would just text all the time,” Sheeran shared. “With phones, there’s this expectation for immediate replies, and it became exhausting.”

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Instead of a personal phone, Ed Sheeran now uses a device provided by his team solely for social media updates during events. For personal communications, he prefers email, finding it a more efficient way to manage his time. Sheeran has a specific routine where he checks his email only once a week.

“On a Thursday or Friday, I sit down, usually in the car, and blast through all the emails,” he explained.

This deliberate approach allows Sheeran to prioritize meaningful interactions and limit the time spent on digital communication. By reducing the pressure to respond instantly, he can focus more on his music and personal life.

Sheeran’s decision underscores a growing trend among individuals seeking to reclaim control over their time and mental well-being by stepping back from constant digital connectivity. His approach serves as a reminder that staying connected can be managed in a way that supports rather than overwhelms personal and professional pursuits.

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