Drifta Trek Teams Up with Blood Kid & Vinchenzo for ‘Chapwa Waya’ Track

Drifta Trek ft. Blood Kid & Vincenzo – Chapwa Waya

“All Stars Music Entertainment Presents ‘Chapwa Waya‘: A Mesmerizing Collaboration Featuring Drifta Trek, Rising Star Blood Kid, and Vinchenzo Mbale

Step into the realm of musical brilliance with the grand unveiling of ‘Chapwa Waya‘ by All Stars Music Entertainment. This unprecedented collaboration introduces Zambia’s rap aficionado, Drifta Trek, renowned for his unmatched talent and lyrical finesse. Joining forces with him is the promising newcomer from the Copperbelt, Blood Kid, whose innovative style adds a fresh dimension to the track’s narrative.

Furthermore, the magnetic charisma of Vinchenzo Mbale, affectionately known as the ‘Beer President,’ brings an eclectic flavor to the ensemble. As these three musical powerhouses unite, expect nothing short of a sonic revolution that redefines the Zambian music landscape.

Prepare to be enthralled by the fusion of lyrical prowess and musical ingenuity as ‘Chapwa Waya‘ sets a new standard for collaborative excellence, captivating audiences far and wide.”

Audio Drifta Trek Ft. Blood Kid& Vinchenzo– Chapwa Waya Mp3 Download


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