Conway The Machine About Eminem: “I’m always gonna ride wit big bro”

Conway The Machine About Eminem: “I’m always gonna ride wit big bro”

Conway sends a clear message to Benzino, urging him to refrain from involving him in the ongoing feud with Eminem and dispelling Benzino’s false claims.

Amidst the latest escalation in their two-decade-long feud, Benzino released a diss track, openly admitting it was collaboratively penned in the studio. In the track, he targeted Eminem and criticized the perceived shortcomings of Shady Records, claiming:

“Benny left your label, Con left your label, Royce left your label.”

Conway the Machine, previously signed to Shady Records both as part of Griselda and as a solo artist, swiftly responded with a message that unequivocally asserts his allegiance:

Peace! I just wanted to speak on a few things. I heard the @benzinoislegendary_ joint and I just need to clear this up for everybody.

1. I didn’t LEAVE shady records. Also I never wanted to leave the label, My contracts were simply fulfilled.

2. And most importantly, I FUCK WIT @eminem @rosenberg @mikaelheron @shadyrecords @50cent And I could never feel any Ill feelings towards Em and them niggas. They gave some 35 year old street niggas from Buffalo that’s been shot in the head and did jail sentences a chance and a opportunity to make it out the hood and take care of my family. So I’m forever thankful for that. So with that bein said, if you’re havin feelings or whatever towards bruh, leave me out of it please, cause I’m always gonna ride wit big bro 🤷🏾‍♂️

Love ✊🏾

Conway the Machine has consistently expressed gratitude for the opportunity provided by Shady Records and Eminem. Although Griselda’s departure from the label initially surprised fans and garnered some hostility from Westside Gunn, it appears that Shady Records adopts a distinctive approach to artist collaboration.

Notably, Shady Records referred to Griselda artists as alumni, viewing their tenure on the label as a stepping stone towards individual success. This perspective underscores the label’s commitment to fostering artistic growth and acknowledges the artists’ evolution beyond their time with Shady Records. Also, it is interesting to notice how artists mentioned by names in the diss are coming forward to tell Benzino that he is wrong and that they have nothing against Eminem. Icewear VezzoMarv Won, and Conway the Machine used social media platforms and interviews to talk about that. Ca$his even dropped his own Benzino diss, showing both his allegiance and high quality rapping skills.

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