[Archival Clip] Eminem faces off against Kuniva @ Hip Hop Shop, Hosted by Proof, 1996

Eminem vs Kuniva @ Hip Hop Shop, Hosted by Proof, 1996

Twenty-eight years ago, Eminemand Kuniva squared off in an epic rap battle at the Hip Hop Shop. It’s a legendary moment in hip hop history, but not everyone had the chance to witness it firsthand. Fortunately, there are some remaining video tapes that capture these electrifying battles, and stumbling upon never-before-seen footage is like finding hidden treasure.

This rare footage offers a glimpse into Eminem’searly days, showcasing his unmatched talent in battle rap. On February 17, 1996, Eminem faced off against Kuniva and emerged victorious. However, there were no hard feelings between them. In fact, Eminem went on to sign Kuniva, and they both became integral members of D12, solidifying their bond as veterans of the Detroit hip hop scene.

Reflecting on the battle years later, Kuniva shared his thoughts on the experience.

I love this battle because I lost. It made me better all around as an emcee, and I ultimately won the war because my brother thought I was dope enough to sign me and make history together

Watch Eminem vs Kuniva: Legendary Battle in Hip Hop Shop Hosted by Proof, Feb. 17, 1996 (4K / UltraHD) below:

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