Akon and Eminem’s track “Smack That” has exceeded 900 million streams on Spotify.

Akon and Eminem's track "Smack That" has exceeded 900 million streams on Spotify.

A milestone achievement has been reached by Akon’s iconic 2006 single, “Smack That,” featuring Eminem, as it surpasses 900 million streams on Spotify.

This track remains Akon’s most streamed and stands as Eminem’s most streamed feature. Remarkably, “Smack That” becomes Eminem’s 12th song to reach this streaming milestone on the platform and is poised to be the third to hit 1 billion streams.

Originally released as the lead single from Akon’s “Konvicted” album, “Smack That” transcends mere collaboration, with Eminem not only delivering his signature verse but also taking on multiple roles behind the scenes, including producer, recording engineer, mixing engineer, and programmer. This extensive involvement underscores the song’s enduring legacy as a testament to both artists’ talents.

The impact of “Smack That” extends beyond Spotify, with its accompanying music video amassing an impressive 1.18 billion views on YouTube. This cross-platform success further solidifies the song’s lasting imprint on pop culture.

Witness the magic of Akon’s “Smack That” (Official Music Video) featuring Eminem below:

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