AFCON top scorer Emilio Nsué makes shocking accusations after his suspension by Equatorial Guinea FA.

Emilio Nsué

In a recent Instagram live session, Emilio Nsue, the top goal scorer of AFCON 2023, has stirred controversy by leveling serious allegations against the Equatorial Guinea Football Association.

Having clinched the title of highest goalscorer during AFCON 2023 with five goals for Equatorial Guinea, Nsue used his Instagram platform to express his discontent with the Football Association’s decision to suspend him.

During the live session, Nsue didn’t hold back, accusing the Football Association of corruption, theft, forgery, and neglecting the growth of home-based players. Additionally, he raised concerns about the Association’s preference for recruiting players from outside the country instead of focusing on nurturing local talent.

The lengthy interview which was mainly in Portuguese was revealed to have had Emilio Nsue also state that the Equatorial Guinea Football Association took one million euros from the money received by the team at ACON 2023.

According to reports Emilio Nsue stated the following about the Football Association of Equatorial Guinea,

“These cancerous and corrupt people who manage football in Equatorial Guinea took 1 million euros for themselves by leaving the national team in bad conditions. The only congratulations I received when I got my top scorer award came from the Ivorian authorities. My country has been ungrateful to me.”

“They want to change the sports project and bring in Brazilians. You are shameless, we are the tenth best team on the African continent. They take money everywhere, they owe us money and they are stealing it.”

“Before the match against Nigeria, the players did not have any outfits ready. The equipment used in the national team is paid by the players and not the Federation. The FA threatened certain local players and taking money from them but I said, no and this is unfair and they humiliated me and thrown me out. The National team is above everything and everyone.”

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