A fan of Davido vents frustration by breaking his laptop after the singer lost three Grammy nominations. (Watch Video)


A viral video online captures the intense moment when a devoted fan of Davido expresses his frustration by slamming his laptop onto the floor after the singer lost all three Grammy nominations.

The outcome of the 66th Grammy Awards seems to have disappointed many Nigerians, who expressed their dismay over their favorite artists not winning.

In the trending video, a Nigerian man, identified as a fan of Davido, becomes enraged and wrecks his laptop. He lamented the perceived injustice done by the Grammy organizers in denying Davido all three nominations. In his fit of anger, he forcefully slams his laptop onto the ground, causing it to shatter.

The incident sparked reactions online, drawing attention to the emotional investment fans have in the success of their favorite artists, particularly during prestigious events like the Grammy Awards.

mrhorlic asked:

“Why u go break laptop when you have a beautiful television to scatter to pieces”

emriz.eth remarked:

“Normally 30BG get mental issue for thinking Davido will win in the first place…. Abeg FC ASSEMBLE”

derickrose28 commented:

sabitalk1’s wrote:

Davido fans are always angry people no be new things 😂😂😂

Check the video below:

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